Friday, 3 August 2007

Rebtel vs Skype

When describing Rebtel to people who don't know about it, I sometimes say it's like skypeOut, only not using your computer but instead using your mobile. In that way, most people can relate to it. Skype's free, when calling computer to computer, but calling with skypeOut (to fixed and mobile phones) cost money. I've taken some time checking these rates and comparing them to Rebtel's rates.

Although skype's using the computer, the rates are often cheaper with Rebtel. Incroyable!

Here are some extracted rates from skype and Rebtel to mobiles:

These were taken randomly from both rate sites. The differences are not big, but concidering that calling from skype means having to call from your computer with a headset, compared to being mobile, it's pretty different!


linda said...

I made the same comparison and cancelled my SkypeOut account immediately! Why waste money when you can get better rates – and if your friends/contacts are as clever, the calls on Rebtel are free!

The minute I started using Rebtel, I became an avid user and fan! Besides it’s amazing rates, it is incredible easy to use – Rebtel has not only set me free from my PC but I can stay connected with friends worldwide!

Megan said...

Another service to check out is jaxtr. It allows you to use your mobile or landline (like Rebtel) but it doesnt necessitate and learned callee behavior like Rebtel does. Also, right now its completely free, worth taking a look at.

Rebtel said...

For Megan: Hi! Thanks for your comment. I have Jaxtr as well, have tried it but really couldn't understand how it works. Since you recommended it, I tried again and still don't get it. I called some friends who have the service and I ended up on their Jaxtr voicemail when wanting to "Call me free". I also tried calling people who don't have Jaxtr, but it didn't work.

And it seems I only get a set amount of minutes to call and after it cuts, but I don't know since it never worked.

Could you explain to me how to do it?

Linus Kendall said...

I guess I'm a bit biased as I work for Rebtel, but what I enjoy most about Rebtel vs for example jaxtr or skype is that I don't need to use the computer.

I can originate a call or recieve one without ever having to touch my computer.

Chris Perry said...

Well you can use skype on your mobile, so its the same really.

Pao L said...

I have skype and rebtel, rebtel is cheaper but it have 1 second delay. skype delay and white noise plus twice expensive at least call to Southeast Asia. Anyway, either one win I am still benefit......Since Columbus 1492 how are human change in sending message over sea?