Friday, 17 August 2007

Development of Reb Me

We're on our way to develop and increase the fun of Reb Me and Rebtel on Facebook. From a voting this morning some ideas were sorted out to be prioritized. We'll now be dealing with these, and when these are in the open, Facebook will be nothing close to where it is now!

Looking forward to feedback on the current app and also the improvements when they're out

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Rebtel involving Facebook users

I guess most people reading this will know that Rebtel has been launched the Facebook application Reb me over the last couple of days. Now we're getting ready to get the next version of the application in the works and we've started a user group on Facebook. Check it out!

How much does Rebtel cost?

Well, while Rebtel can be free if you make what we call a smart call (where you ask your friend to hang up and call you back while you stay on the line) we usually say that the cost of Rebtel is the cost of a local call.

So, how does Rebtel's costs compare? Well, Björn did a comparison towards Skype a week back.

However, this blogger has gone further and compared the costs of Skype, Gozmo, Jajah, Rebtel and Truphone and found that Rebtel, while not always being the cheapest still is one of the most competitively priced services. With the added benefit of smart calls and the possibility to get calls completely free to the ones you call the most - I think that you'd quickly see that Rebtel will lower your phone bill the most.

Monday, 13 August 2007

The app that gives more than a quick laugh!

Many applications on Facebook are there only for the reason of spamming you with no sense of added value other than giving the user more value if you accept the invitation. Others are simply the company's website pushed in fastly on your profile.

When I get these applications, they give me a laughter for some minutes and then the fun's over. If, like one of the groups on Facebook is predicting, applications will be the death of Facebook, it'll exceed from having these kinds of applications spam away to the users till people are fed up.

Therefore, I really hope that applications like Reb Me can take more market ground on the community

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Rebtel on Facebook!!!

Rebtel has created an application on Facebook called Reb Me. It gives the user the possibility to get local numbers to its Facebook friends. The developers have been working hard to set it up and the virility is high.

The newest feature is that for each person you invite that tries the service, you get an extra 5 minutes free international calling. So, with a large network, you can actually get free international calling! I believe that this is what makes this application something for more innovative than what we've seen so far on Facebook.

To make an application viral, having more friends using it, needs to add value to the person spreading it. So far, that value has been quiet intangible. With Reb Me, you actually get free calling for it!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

A wish for roaming!

I have a wish right now - and that is to be able to roam!

I travel quite a bit, and I always bring my phone with me - obviously I want to be communicating as much as I normally do when travelling abroad. So what does it actually cost me?

I've got Three in Sweden and it can cost up to 10-20 SEK (about 2-3 euros) per minute to call when I'm abroad. Naturally something that doesn't make sense.

So, either I get a local pre-paid sim card when I go abroad, and use Rebtel to make all calls local calls or I get one of the few options with SIM cards that are global - like Roam4Free or LetsRoam but their benefit is mostly that it becomes free to recieve calls. Still it can cost as much as 4 SEK to make a call (0.5 EUR) even though I'd use Rebtel to get the best rate and buying SIM cards all over the place is an hassle.

Anyone got any more ideas?

Friday, 3 August 2007

Rebtel vs Skype

When describing Rebtel to people who don't know about it, I sometimes say it's like skypeOut, only not using your computer but instead using your mobile. In that way, most people can relate to it. Skype's free, when calling computer to computer, but calling with skypeOut (to fixed and mobile phones) cost money. I've taken some time checking these rates and comparing them to Rebtel's rates.

Although skype's using the computer, the rates are often cheaper with Rebtel. Incroyable!

Here are some extracted rates from skype and Rebtel to mobiles:

These were taken randomly from both rate sites. The differences are not big, but concidering that calling from skype means having to call from your computer with a headset, compared to being mobile, it's pretty different!