Wednesday, 1 August 2007


What is GloCALLization, apart from a word-joke?

Globalization, we all know of. The question is, how will it affect you? In what means can you see that globalization is knocking on your door? Is it when the TV start showing programs and films from other cultures, is it from your trip to South America, is it from the accessability on Internet?

Although the web and media has increased its coverage over borders and cultures, these are still only secondary sources to you. For globalization to step into our lives, we need to be in direct contact with other cultures. Going there is inevitable, but then what? How do you keep the world close?

My perception is that you need to retain the friends you have, no matter where, to keep the world close to you. It needs to be as easy and as cheap as calling your friend on the other side of the street as to call someone in Mexico, Canada or Turkey.

Who knows, maybe, in the future, we'll have those beamers they use in Star Trek (you know, "beam me up Scotty") to be able to go for a coffee on the other side of the globe...

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